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Posted: 2006-03-23T21:06:02-07:00
by magick
ImageMagick supports transparent Postscript to GIF if you have a modern version of ImageMagick and the file only contains one page and there is a DSC comment within the file specifying a language level of 2.

Posted: 2006-03-25T12:09:57-07:00
by magick
Your Postscript has CMYK colors so it's rendered with a CMYK device rather than an alpha device. However, with the latest ImageMagick release, 6.2.6-6, we got the desired result by forcing an alpha device as follows:
  • convert -colorspace rgb clipart.eps transparent.gif
6.2.6-6 will mirror world-wide by tommorrow.

Posted: 2006-03-28T21:07:35-07:00
by magick
  • convert -verbose -colorspace rgb clipart.eps clipart.gif
Is the listed device pnmraw or pngalpha? Its possible that your version of Ghostscript does not support the pngalpha device. To confirm type
  • gs -h

Posted: 2006-03-28T21:37:59-07:00
by magick
You might be able to simply upgrade your version of Ghostscript to enable the pngalpha device. If not you can grab the source and make sure pngalpha is enabled when you build/install. Have fun.

Posted: 2006-03-29T17:49:28-07:00
by magick
SVG is the recommended vector format. If ImageMagick fails to convert your SVG you can always use rsvg which does a great job of interpretting SVG.