IMPORT command root or window with cursor

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As a long time user of X windows (from X10!) I can tell you that the cursor is a special image. Sometimes it is drawn into the frame buffer of the displayed image, and thus able to be picked up by "import". More commonly it is a special hardward overlay and not visible outside the hardware.

In other words it depends on exactly how the X windows Display is implemented both in hardward and software.

No gurantees on being able to grab it.

One posiblility is to start a virtual X server, like VNC or RFB (actually the same thing). This generates a 'fake' X windows display that is sent to viewing clients on other machines (windows and linux). It may be that snapshots of winodws from this X server will have cursors visible.

A second posibility is to use a Virtual Machine and grab its display.

None of this is an IM problem however.
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There is a -pause option to pause between snapshots and -snaps tells how many snapshots to take.