monochrome PSD to PNG (or other format)

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monochrome PSD to PNG (or other format)

Post by yosaku »


I am new to imageMagick, but i find this tool very useful and very easy to use. I am very thankful for this tool.

I have a problem though, there is one file that i could not manage to convert.

i am trying to convert several types of images to PNG format (using the convert command line tool).

it works very well with common images like bmp, jpg...
i could also convert RGB and CMYK PSD files, but i cannot convert a monochrome PSD file.

here is the command i tried:
/usr/local/bin/convert psdfile.psd -flatten PNG:pngfile.png

i am using ImageMagick 6.2.5 02/27/06 (FreeBSD)

here is the PSD file:
and result file:

i also had some trouble with a eps file, but i could convert it using ghostscript, with a second pass using imagemagick in order to convert it to monochrome png file.
so this is no longer a problem for me, but in case it can help improve imagemagick, here is the eps file as well:

i hope somebody can help me with this, thanks in advance.

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Post by magick »

The ImageMagick PSD reader has a number of bugs that we are addressing as time permits. In the mean-time you may need to use some other program (such as Gimp) to convert your image.



Post by yosaku »

thank you for the quick reply

i understand.

i hope my experience can help in the process..