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Posted: 2006-03-30T13:35:51-07:00
by magick
Try the following commands:
  • convert logo: 1.jpg
    convert logo: 2.jpg
    convert *.jpg -append -compress none logo.tif
These command work for us and suggest wildcards are working properly. We're using ImageMagick 6.2.6-7.

Posted: 2006-03-30T19:30:15-07:00
by magick
We believe the problem you are having has to do with a bug in the TIFF library for Zip compression. Setting the compression to none does not compress the image so it does not exercise the bug. Note this bug only seems to occur on Windows.

In general the only restrictions on image size is the amount of resources on your system. We have personally converted images as large as 250,000 by 250,000 pixels. We tried appending 30 images and it created one TIFF image as expected. We're using ImageMagick 6.2.6-7.

Posted: 2006-04-03T13:23:10-07:00
by magick
Grab the latest ImageMagick 6.2.6-8 release. It has an updated TIFF delegate library. It seems to be able to create compressed TIFF image files ok.