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composite -gravity not working

Posted: 2006-04-19T02:52:37-07:00
by DV4
Basic question - I'm trying to add curved corners to an image but it refuses to work.

I'm using

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composite -gravity SouthEast se_corner.gif base.gif base1.gif
and so on for the other 3 corners.

I am runnning resize and compose commands which work fine but my corner code does not seem to effect the image at all.

Any suggestions would be most helpful and much appreciated.



Posted: 2006-04-19T07:03:33-07:00
by magick
We tried your command with the latest ImageMagick release, 6.2.7-0, and it worked as expected.

Posted: 2006-04-19T07:19:04-07:00
by DV4
I working on 6.2.4

I'll upgrade and try again.

Thanks for looking into it.

In anycase I implemented a workaround using

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/usr/bin/composite -compose atop -geometry
which works fine