ImageMagick, GhostScript and PDF/X

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ImageMagick, GhostScript and PDF/X

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Especially in prepress industry the PDF/X standards have already become import and will become more and more important in the future.

There is a certain test kit, called Altona Test Suite, which can be used to check, if a certain workflow system is PDF/x compatible.

Some information about Altona Test Suite:
Download Altona Test Suite PDF documents and documentation:

Using a recent version of ImageMagick (6.2.6) and GhostScript (8.53) and the Visual Altona Test Suite PDF or the Technical Altona Test Suite PDF the command

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convert Altona_Visual_1v2a_x3.pdf Altona_Visual_1v2a_x3.tif
leads to an insufficient result.

I know that several workflow systems use GhostScript and GhostScript seems to be able to handle PDF/X documents (see, but is it possible to raster/rip PDF documents and comply with the requirements of PDF/X resp. the Altona Test Suite (spot colors, overprinting etc.)?

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Post by magick »

ImageMagick most likely has all the infastructure to comply with the Altona Test Suite, however, we currently lack the resources to ensure compliance. ImageMagick is a community project so you or anyone can volunteer to work toward compliance. Just post your intentions here, patch ImageMagick as needed, and contribute the patch under the ImageMagick license to include in future ImageMagick releases.