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Posted: 2006-04-25T14:02:48-07:00
by magick
Chances are the montage program is not finding any fonts. Try adding -debug all to your command line and review the output carefully for problems.

Posted: 2006-04-25T18:03:43-07:00
by magick
The montage output filename is always the last argument on the command line. Put -debug all as the first option on the command line.

We noticed your debug output does not show any text annotation which of course is what you want. When we tried your script with the current release of ImageMagick, 6.2.7-1, it worked fine (the thumbnails were labeled). Not sure why its failing for you.

Posted: 2006-04-25T18:36:16-07:00
by magick
  • unable to read font `/usr/share/fonts/default/TrueType/arial.ttf'
Take a look at
  • /usr/lib/ImageMagick-6.2.5/config/type-ghostscript.xml
and see if the glyphs names actually exist. You can specify a different font
  • -font times
or a font file
  • -font arial.ttf