How to do "Optimized Palette" like Corel Photo Pai

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How to do "Optimized Palette" like Corel Photo Pai

Post by jmaeding » 2006-05-03T09:56:38-07:00

I do a couple things with Corel PP that I want to do with IM.
1) Convert a 24 bit color image to 8 bit.
In PP, there is an option to use "optimized palette", which basically gives a very nice match between the old and new image, even though the color depth went down.
How do I do this with IM?

2) I regularly convert color images to 1 bit (black and white) for use in AutoCad. The PP has a nice conversion tool that allows me to adjust the "threshhold" of when a pixel is considered black, and when white.
Can IM do this?

thanks in advance.

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