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how do I convert RGB, CMYK with profiles correctly?

Posted: 2006-07-14T06:02:59-07:00
by Finglonger
have some questions on CMYK to RGB conversion an vice versa.
Already read a little about it and I know that there will be
a loss of quality when convertig between the colorspaces...

I'm using Linux and ImageMagick 6.2.4

That's how I tried to convert images:

Code: Select all

convert -profile RGB_PROFILE RGB_IMAGE.jpg -profile CMYK_PROFILE

I tried different combinations of the Adobe ICC profiles but did't come
up with results that were okay...

... also tried different suggestions from the forum, but either the result is still RGB or I get a blueish result again (it's the blue that sticks out, since there's a lot of sky on my image. so maybe there's too muc of every color in the result).

1. Is there a way to do this WITHOUT profiles?
I tried changing the Colorspace, but when I convert from
RGB to CMYK the result is very dark.

2. Why do I need TWO profiles?
I tried to use one profile for the CMYK resultfile in a RGB to CMYK
conversion, but the resulting image still had RGB colorspace

3. Which RGB profile is best for converting FROM RGB into a CMYK profile?
I tried almost every combination with the Adobe RGB and CMYK ICCs, but
the result is always very blue-ish. In some examples I found people were
using a profile called sRGB.icc. is that the adobe "sRGB Color Space

4. What's the best way? Simply choosing a profile for the source file or removing the profile and apply another?

5. Has anyone had good results using ONLY profiles, but not changing hue saturation, gamma etx...

I'm happy and thankful for every hint/tip/suggestions that might give me
better results :)

Posted: 2006-07-19T18:07:12-07:00
by Finglonger
Thanks a lot! :)

Posted: 2006-10-10T07:58:42-07:00
by magick
Do you have an actual profile on disk called icm? The profile option is looking to read a profile from a file.