PDF to MultiPage TIFF and JPG/TIFFs to MultiPage TIFFs

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PDF to MultiPage TIFF and JPG/TIFFs to MultiPage TIFFs

Post by oddball508 » 2006-07-18T20:05:14-07:00

I'm looking for some information and methods for doing some file conversions for use in our automated OCR software. This software requires 300DPI multipage TIFF images. I can do the resizing but the file type conversion is a bit more difficult.

JPGs > MultiPage TIFF
TIFFs > MultiPage TIFF
PDF > MulitPage TIFF

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Post by magick » 2006-07-19T19:41:45-07:00

You can convert multiple JPEG's, for example, into a multipage TIFF image with this command:
  • convert *.jpg image.tif


Post by oddball508 » 2006-07-19T20:51:18-07:00

Thanks - can you control the order?

And any body for the other two?

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Post by anthony » 2006-07-19T21:59:24-07:00

The order is what you giev to IM. If you use a *.jpg then the commandline shell expands this to list the files in alphabetical order.

Most shells will expand a {..,..} type syntax without resorting it.
as such {?,??,???,????}.jpg will expand to files of a single character
then two characters then three, and four. Within the lengths the files
are again sorted.

That is about the best I can do without knowing more about what files you are wanting to re-order.
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Post by oddball508 » 2006-07-19T22:37:22-07:00

Thanks for the help. The biggest part of my puzzle was loading GhostScript.

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