removing all even numbered frames from my animated gif

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Post by glennrp »

On Unix/Linux:
  • convert big.gif +adjoin frame%04d.gif
    convert frame???[13579].gif small.gif
If your big.gif has offsets (images smaller than the first frame)
you will have to use the -coalesce and -deconstruct options.


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Post by anthony »

Nice solution Glen.

I was working on improvments to GIF animation handling in IM.

One of these planned improvments was a '-shuffle' image reording operator
(like -insert -delete and -swap operators). The reverse of that operator
would probably also be usedful for what you want to do.

However my own additions lost momentent due to a europian vacation and change in job description, so I am not sure when these new additions will be made. Stay tuned.

Or perhaps you would like to look at the source and contribute to the effort :-)
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