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PSD -> JPG fails

Posted: 2006-08-08T09:11:38-07:00
by elisegev
I have a PSD file, which has 11519x8400 pixels and its size is about 17MB. The conversion to JPG fails and I get a totally black image. Is there any remedy? Any ways to debug this issue?

Posted: 2006-08-08T11:59:25-07:00
by Bonzo
I was trying to help someone else out with psd images and my notes and tests are here:

We were trying to sort the transparency out and did not get a black image. From memory a lot of the problem was caused by the psd layers.

Check the folder were the image was saved as originaly I was expecting an image with the same name 50cent1.png and in this case a gif or png. But ended up with 3 different images created.
50cent1-0.png ( backgrond layer )
50cent1-1.png ( main image layer )
50cent1-2.png ( text image layer )

Posted: 2006-08-08T12:11:33-07:00
by elisegev
This is a single layer PSD file. Having a multi-layer PSD file is different. You are correct that it will create an output file for each layer.