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RGB Color Profile

Posted: 2006-10-05T13:04:09-07:00
by oddball508
I am trying to extract the color profile being used in TIF files. I'm using the command;

Identify "-format", "%r", File.tif

But I get the same result for different files. The result I get is "RGB" but in PhotoshopCS2 the color profile has been set as "sRGB IEC61966-21" for one file and "Adobe RGB(1998) for another.

Any sugestions?

Posted: 2006-10-10T18:17:32-07:00
by anthony
You mis-understood the %r escape. This returns the colorspace used by IM in storing the image. See '-type' and '-colorspace' options.

It does NOT return the color profile of the image, something IM only passes on or replaces but does not follow.