Placing text on specic section of an image

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Post by anthony » 2006-10-10T18:35:37-07:00

For general placement of text look at IM Examples, Annotating Images (see sig for link)

however specifically locating a specific area of color in an image is more difficult.

What I would do is first use a fuzzy color replacement to find the areas of the image containing that color, to produce a mask..

Something like, this looking for near-red areas in the Im logo...

Code: Select all

convert logo: -matte -fuzz 15% -fill none -opaque red \
             -channel A -separate +channel -negate color_mask.png
From that you can use a fuzzy trim to discover the location of the area of that color on the image. Assuming only one such area exists. A fuzzy trim will let the trim ignore smaller isolated areas in a controled way.
Trimming 'Noisy' Images ... #trim_blur

Good luck and let us know how you go or if you find any useful technique on the way.
That is contribute back anything you learned.
Anthony Thyssen -- Webmaster for ImageMagick Example Pages

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