How to change red color in a picture into black color

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Re: How to change red color in a picture into black color

Post by glennrp » 2006-10-12T07:56:05-07:00

fiesaskao wrote: Hi, I'm a new user in ImageMagick. I would like to change the red color which appears to our sight into black color, but leave other color still the same. For example, I would like to change Santa Claus' red clothes into black, but the colors of other things which are not appearing red are still the same. The Christmas tree in that picture is still green.

Please help me!
Thanks in advance for any help.[/img]
  • convert -fill black -opaque red in.png out.png

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Post by anthony » 2006-10-12T17:32:09-07:00

If this does not match the 'red' color add a -fuzz 10% to also concert near-red colors.

See.. IM Examples Fuzz Factor ... olor/#fuzz
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