[Magick++] flop() corrupts glTexture

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[Magick++] flop() corrupts glTexture

Post by dennis2society » 2006-12-13T12:47:43-07:00

i am using magick++ to load images, add some text-label to the image
and finally loading this image as a texture into an opengl program.
while this worked really fine in linux, i am currently experiencing
the problem that the flop-function corrupts my texture.

this code works great, also with loading the texture:

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Magick::Image texImage("bricks.png");
texImage.draw( Magick::DrawableText(1, 25, "my text") );
the result looks like this:

but when i flop() the image to have the text in the right orientation
the result looks like this:

what is wrong inside the flop-function? the same code works great in
linux and the resulting image can be written to disk correctly. only the
texture itself seems to be corrupted.
i am confused :?:

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Post by magick » 2006-12-13T13:02:16-07:00

glTexture may be expecting 8-bit pixels. When you flop() the pixels may be promoted to 16-bits per pixel assuming you are using the Q16 version of ImageMagick. Use the Q8 version or set your image depth back to 8 after you flop() it.


Post by dennis2society » 2006-12-13T13:13:56-07:00

that did it.

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