how to monitor mogrify progress?

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how to monitor mogrify progress?

Post by BabaG » 2007-01-23T14:05:19-07:00

making a lot of progress here thanks to anthony, magick, and the forum.
using mogrify to modify and copy large numbers of large files. the test
i'm doing now seems it will take around 45min to an hour and involves
1600 images. being command line there's not one of those convenient
progress bars to show me where i am in the process. i'm wondering if
there's a way i could monitor what image is being processed as the
mogrify command is executed. would be nice if i could look at the screen
and see that i'm on, say, image 720 of 1600. any thoughts on how i
could do this?


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Post by magick » 2007-01-23T15:02:28-07:00

Looks like mogrify is failing to report progress with the -monitor option. We will fix the problem in the next point release. In the mean-time add -debug cache to your command line.
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Post by BabaG » 2007-01-23T15:18:03-07:00


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Re: how to monitor mogrify progress?

Post by vmr » 2015-09-07T03:03:20-07:00

Now morgify shows progress of processing actions for each separate file.
It wolud be better to have an option to monitor general progress (like 55 of 1000 files processed - 5% )
Thank you

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Re: how to monitor mogrify progress?

Post by RoadRacer » 2018-01-26T10:40:31-07:00

Is there a way to select wich kind of progress I would like to see?
I could imagine, to expand the "-monitor" command with further arguments/parmeters.

For example, when doing many processes with one big picture:

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convert Test.png  -resize ... -colorize ... -many things  ...     -monitor Detail     result.png
This could be used for detailed progress within single images.

Or, when working with wildcards or lists:

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convert     *.png -resize 72x72     -monitor List          result_%03d.png
convert @List.txt -resize 72x72     -monitor-text List     result_%03d.png
Output: "96 of 630 Images - 15% are done"

And decimal/float output:

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convert     *.png -resize 72x72     -monitor-decimal List     result_%03d.png
convert @List.txt -resize 72x72     -monitor-decimal List     result_%03d.png
Output: "0.15238" This could be directly used for a GUI.

The last one would be my favorite, because since I'm using "@List.txt" instead of a for loop (in PowerShell), the progressbar in my GUI is useless.
But because the list operator works very much faster than a for loop, I can live with the tradeoff without a progress bar.

PS: Sorry, my english should be better.
Windows 10 Pro (64 bit)
ImageMagick 7.0.3 Q16 (64 bit, standalone)

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