How to draw 3D characters using Magik++?

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How to draw 3D characters using Magik++?

Post by GeorgeZ » 2007-02-02T08:28:01-07:00

I am trying to draw some 3D characters. I have tried a number of methods as described in Magik++ manual, but none of them work for me. The following is my testing code. Can someone help me? Thanks a lot.

Color border = "#D4DCF3";

Image image( "300x100", "transparent" ); //transparent white

image.penColor( Color("blue") );
image.font("Arial"); //Arial Courier-New
// image.shade(50,30,true);
// image.emboss(5,2);
image.annotate( "ImageMagick", CenterGravity);
image.write( "junk.gif" );


Never mind, I figured out

Post by GeorgeZ » 2007-02-02T09:30:59-07:00

I figured out that I just couldn't use a simple draw to produce 3D effect. I need to draw 2 text, with a little bit of offset for the second one

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Re: How to draw 3D characters using Magik++?

Post by anthony » 2007-02-05T21:24:14-07:00

For various techniques that can be converted to C++ API (or any other API) see IM Examples Compound fonts.

If you come up with a new basic style, or know of one, let me know and I'll try to replicate it.
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Re: How to draw 3D characters using Magik++?

Post by GeorgeZ » 2007-02-13T13:17:08-07:00

Thanks a lot for answering my question, anthony.
Your examples are simply excellent! I just picked up a few examples and implement them in C++ code. They all came out very nicely.
If I work out some good enough basic styles I will certainly be happy to share tham.
Thanks agian for your marvelous work!

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