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Magick++ API Incompatibility: Frame Attribute

Posted: 2007-02-06T19:27:48-07:00
by tdan
The order of the arguments passed to Frame differ between the command line and Magick++.

On the command line, -frame is an image operator.

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-frame widthxheight{+-}outer-bevel-width{+-}inner-bevel-width
In the Magick++ API, frame is a method of the Image class.

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frame(unsigned int width_, unsigned int height_, int innerBevel_ = 0, int outerBevel_ = 0)
The Outer-Bevel-Width and Inner-Bevel-Width arguments have been switched

Re: Magick++ API Incompatibility: Frame Attribute

Posted: 2007-02-18T23:33:40-07:00
by anthony
It is just the way the two API's were implemented. Neight can be changed at this point as both have been in long use.

However prehaps the perl API documentation should make a note about the argument order switch.