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ImageMagick perl question

Posted: 2007-02-14T09:09:25-07:00
by kid_drew
Hey guys,
I'm running ImageMagick from a perl system() call in order to convert images on my server. This call is made as a page gets destroyed, and the next page loads up the newly created image. Problem is, the new page seems to load before the convert function finishes and it always loads the older image. Any suggestions?

Re: ImageMagick perl question

Posted: 2007-02-18T22:43:56-07:00
by anthony
Yes don't respond back to the user until the page is ready to download!!!

OR have they call a page generator PHP or CGI script to generate and send the page to them. No need to save it temporarilly then!

All in all this is a web problem not an IM problem.