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Can IM create color palettes, based on single colors?

Posted: 2007-02-14T19:29:02-07:00
by firewood
I am designing a set of PHP scripts that need color palettes for website design. Colors are mathematically related to one another in such a way that fairly aesthically pleasing palettes can be derived from a single color. The colors in those palettes vary by hue, saturation and value in mathematically deriveable ways; all the colors in the palette go together (as well as a mathematical derivation can manage). Complementary colors, analogous colors and varying combinations of complementary and analogous relationships are the basis for the palettes.

Does IM offer a way to generate palettes, such as I describe?

Re: Can IM create color palettes, based on single colors?

Posted: 2007-02-17T10:43:24-07:00
by firewood
I gather from the lack of response that the answer to the question is "no".

In that case, does anyone know of open source scripts that can be used to generate palettes? Such a potential definitely exists; the system at: ... ex-en.html
is a perfect case in point.

The problem with that script is that it is under a copyright that prohibits its use and the use of any of its derivatives from any activity that is for money-making purposes!! It is basically protected from any use, other than as a toy. (I checked with the owner, and this is the correct interpretation of the copyright!)

I definitely have an interest in making money.

Anyway, a palette-producing facility would be very useful, both to me and to others. Any leads anyone can give on this matter would be very much appreciated.