image magick temp folder

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image magick temp folder

Post by chanoy » 2007-02-16T17:47:59-07:00


Is there a way to change the location of image magick's temp folder for windows static build? I know you can set an environment var, MAGICK_TMPDIR, but is there set it so that it doesn't rely on env. var.?

So say I have a static build, and I want to take it to another computer to do convert. I would like to use a folder inside the folder that I brought over as tmp dir.


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Re: image magick temp folder

Post by magick » 2007-02-16T18:22:01-07:00

Currently ImageMagick relies on environment variables to choose the path for temporary files. It obtains the path from one of these variables: MAGICK_TMPDIR, TMPDIR, TMP (Windows), or TEMP (Windows). If none of these are defined, it uses the P_tmpdir define.

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