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IM doesn't add IPTC and EPS?

Posted: 2007-03-19T15:32:00-07:00
by fcaserio
I'm having problems to add IPTC profiles do EPS format.

I can retrieve a IPTC profile from the EPS:

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cd\ARQUIV~1\ImageMagick-6.3.1-Q16 & convert C:\imageA.eps IPTCTEXT:C:\imageA.iptc
But when I try to write it back the new file doesn't receive the profile:

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cd\ARQUIV~1\ImageMagick-6.3.1-Q16 & convert C:\ImageA.jpg -profile C:\imageA.iptc eps2:C:\imageB.eps
If then I try to extract the IPTC profile from the new EPS file I receive an error:

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cd\ARQUIV~1\ImageMagick-6.3.1-Q16 & convert C:\imageB.eps IPTCTEXT:C:\imageB.iptc
convert: no 8BIM data is available `C:\imageB.iptc'.
Is this a restriction of ImageMagick? Can IM write an IPTC profile tro an EPS file?
Any help is welcome...

Re: IM doesn't add IPTC and EPS?

Posted: 2007-03-21T10:25:14-07:00
by teetanne
Hi fcaserio,

I suppose you converted a image with IPTC data to an EPS file (convert C:\imageA.eps). Of course, IM is smart enough to find and extract IPTC data. IPTC data can be added to a preview image of a EPS file only. My solution is
1. extract/prepare IPTC data (iptcData.iptc)
2. apply IPTC data to file

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convert +profile 8BIM -profile 8BIMTEXT:iptcData.iptc imageA.jpg imageB.jpg
3. convert image to EPS with tiff preview

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convert imageB.jpg EPT:image.eps
May that help you, TeeTanne

Re: IM doesn't add IPTC and EPS?

Posted: 2007-03-21T13:11:27-07:00
by fcaserio

Actually i've already tried to do that, but when IM converts a JPG to EPS the IPTC profile is lost.
Even if the original JPG has IPTC the converted EPS has no IPTC (As least on all intents I have made, if you know how to do I woulb be extremely gratefull).

I even found later a documentation on IM site that IM doesn't apply IPTC to EPS
Encapulated Postscript is actually exactly the same as normal postscript (a

vector image format) except it is a single page image, and a "Bounding Box'
entry is present to define the exact area the image covers. Its purpose is
to allow other programs to move and scale the image when inserting it into

other postscript documents.

IM handles it in basically the same way as postscript. See
Postscript Text Handling, and
Vector Image formats.

To generate an ASCII85-encoded Encapsulated Postscript Image, use this

convert image.jpg
-compress none eps2:image.eps

Use "EPS2:" or "EPS3:" to create JPEG compressed EPS files:

convert image.jpg -compress jpeg eps2:image.eps

Note: Adding profiles to EPS images are on the 'todo' list but is
currently not supported.

Re: IM doesn't add IPTC and EPS?

Posted: 2007-03-21T18:22:43-07:00
by anthony
That bug is known and will be in the next IM release (within a week) - thanks Cristy.

I have also added Tee Tanne's solution to IM Examples, Profiles, IPTC
(Give it a day to appear)

However can someone actually tell me what these profiles actually do?

Or like to edit and submit an update to the above profiles section. I am not a user of profiles so I can't give much direct insight or examples.

Re: IM doesn't add IPTC and EPS?

Posted: 2007-03-22T09:42:31-07:00
by fcaserio
Hi anthony

The IPTC profile is a metadata embedded to the image.
It can store identification atributes of the image, such as caption, credit, author, keywords, etc.
Actually I see that IM can stores other profile type on EPS, such as ICM. ICM is a color conversion set file that can be successfully embedded as a profile to an EPS file, even with IM. The only profile I can't store is IPTC.

So, if we'll have an upgrade that solves IPTC embed to EPS problems, which IM version shoul I expect? I'm using actually 6.3.1. Should I look for a 6.3.4 next week?

tks a lot.

Re: IM doesn't add IPTC and EPS?

Posted: 2007-03-22T09:46:31-07:00
by fcaserio

I can provide you JPG images with IPTC profile embedded to it, if you need to understand the profile format. Just le me know.


Re: IM doesn't add IPTC and EPS?

Posted: 2007-03-22T18:28:39-07:00
by anthony
I am just wanting to know for IM Examples. Unless I have some simple program that can handle this profile it is rather useles for me.

however if you have a 'blank' or 'default' copy of the that profile. Send it to me and I'll include it in IM examples. I may even try to figure out an example that gets IM to -set (change) some of the attributes in that profile.

I mean I may not use it myself, but it probably should be in IM Examples.

Speaking of which is someone would like to edit/update the profiles section (or any other section) in IM Examples, mail me. I'd love a few contributors.

Re: IM doesn't add IPTC and EPS?

Posted: 2007-03-23T06:34:52-07:00
by fcaserio
this is a IPTC profile extracted from a JPG file:

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2#120#Caption="Bolo de queijo de coalho"
2#122#Caption Writer="DEDOC -09/08/2006 -Aninha 274"
2#105#Headline="Revisa Claudia Cozinha"
2#40#Special Instructions="Sem restricao de autoria ou uso"
2#80#Byline="Ormuzd Alves"
2#110#Credit="Ormuzd Alves"
2#5#Image Name="Revisa Claudia Cozinha"
2#55#Created Date="20060726"
2#90#City="S‹o Paulo"
2#95#Province State="SP"
2#116#Copyright String="© Ormuzd Alves"
2#60#Created Time="152011-0300"
2#200#Custom Field 1="ANAMARIA"
2#203#Custom Field 4="08/09/2006"
It was extracted with:

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convert file.jpg IPTCTEXT:file.iptc
It can be applied to a new jpg file, such as:

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convert -profile file.iptc file.jpg file2.jpg
however, if the destination file is an EPS it doesn't accept the profile:

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convert -profile file.iptc file.jpg EPS2:file2.eps
I dont know IM behaviour with other file formats. I'm currently working only with JPG and EPS

I'm waiting to test the upgrade. Hope it can solve this problem.

Re: IM doesn't add IPTC and EPS?

Posted: 2007-03-23T19:00:43-07:00
by anthony
First, modify images AFTER they are read in, not before.

Second try this (from IM Example Notes)...

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  convert image.jpg +profile 8BIM -profile 8BIMTEXT:iptcData.iptc iptc_image.jpg
  convert itpc_image.jpg  EPT:image.eps
I have no idea if it works or not, I don't use this stuff myself, but try it and let me know.