Upgrade Dll of MagickWand for php5.x.x windows (NEW DLL)

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Re: Upgrade Dll of MagickWand for php5.x.x windows (NEW DLL)

Post by QooooQ » 2008-11-05T03:49:34-07:00

Hey there.
I had problems getting your MagickWand to run under php5.3aphla2 (+Apache 2.2.8)
(Didn't run at all, no messages, nothing)

So I switched down to php5.2.6 (+Apache 2.2.9)
(works :D)

Could someone explain in more detail how to build my own magickwand.dll ?

I have Visual Studio 2008, I'm just not so familiar with using it, because most of the things I do, I do with Eclipse and Java, or PHP.
So I know how to get things done, but I always had problems following instructions that were written for Visual Studio ^^
The only thing I made with msvs08 was a small Game/Applikation for my PDA (with c# and no extra libraries i had to link, build or so).

That's why I didn't try these 3 steps, as I can't believe that I manage to fill the gaps. At least not without spending lots of lots of time.
For example line 2> what does "add" mean in that case ? As a "not-so-used-to-MSVS2008-user" I'm sure that I would get stuck there

I would really like to learn how to do this on my own in the future. So maybe some one of you can help with a more detailed explanation. I know that it costs you lots of time too, so, I can only hope I catch you in a very happy mood :D



dll with > MagickWandForPHP-1.0.6 ?

Post by QooooQ » 2008-11-05T17:28:38-07:00

Does anyone have a MagickWandForPHP-1.0.6 dll ? or MagickWandForPHP-1.0.7 dll?

I see that there was a version with MagickWandForPHP-1.0.6 but the link to the http://www.upload-x.com server doesn't work :(

I wanted to play around with MagickSetImageAlphaChannel but its not included in the 1.0.5 (i guess?!)
So I came back here looking for 1.0.6
Hope you can help



Re: Upgrade Dll of MagickWand for php5.x.x windows (NEW DLL)

Post by KickassAMD » 2008-11-06T01:01:39-07:00

Here is a rapidshare link of the first post.... He uploaded to some sites that are in like chinese so here is a normal non foreign hosted link :)

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Re: Upgrade Dll of MagickWand for php5.x.x windows (NEW DLL)

Post by QooooQ » 2008-11-06T07:28:37-07:00

This I already have :(
It's MagickWand 1.0.5

But on the bottom of the first post following is written
http://www.upload-x.com/file/59/php-mag ... l-bz2.html

TIME:2007-11-14 14:37
1).Built with: WinXpSp2 + VC++6.0 + PHP 5.x.x + ImageMagick-6.3.x.x+ MagickWandForPHP-1.0.6
2).Used QuantumDepth=16 for ImageMagick default setting;
3).Tested under winxpsp2+ apache2.0.59 + PHP 5.3.0
So I thought that someone must have this version, too
Also I hoped that this version would work with PHP 5.3alpha2 (as this plugin was tested under some PHP 5.3 Version), so that I could switch back to only using php 5.3 again

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