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Possible Bug? Or am i doing this wrong?

Posted: 2008-01-25T14:26:29-07:00
by bluesaga

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	      @rename($szTempFilename, $szNewFilename);
		if(MagickReadImage($pImg, $szNewFilename)) //MagickReadImage returns TRUE
			print_r(MagickGetImageResolution($pImg)); //Array ( [0] => 72 [1] => 72 ) 
			print 	"\n".MagickGetImageWidth($pImg); //24
			print	"\n".MagickGetImageHeight($pImg); //24	
			print 	"\n".MagickGetImageMimeType($pImg); //image/x-ico	

			print MagickEchoImageBlob($pImg); //returns fatal error
			print $szData = MagickGetImageBlob($pImg); //Nothing returned

$szNewFilename is similar to: 1243232325.ico

The fatal error returned is:
Fatal error: magickechoimageblob(): an unknown error occurred; the image BLOB to be output was empty in /xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx.php on line 338

On another note, how good is ICO detection? I have had to hack in first 4 character hex detection as it wasn't getting picked up!

Re: Possible Bug? Or am i doing this wrong?

Posted: 2008-01-25T14:28:40-07:00
by bluesaga
MagickWand Extension Version 0.1.8
ImageMagick support enabled
ImageMagick version ImageMagick 6.3.2 02/14/07 Q16

Thats from my phpinfo if it helps