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Improvement to config.m4 build script

Posted: 2008-04-13T09:18:28-07:00
by gagern
I've encountered Problems installing MagickWandForPHP-1.0.6 on Gentoo Linux, as some paths were not configured correctly.

My solution to the problem was to make better use of the output from Wand-config, so you don't have to second-guess paths used by the installation. I noticed that Christy changed some paths in r10279, but I would guess that this change might break things for some setups as well. My patch might therefore be of interest to the developers of MagickWand for PHP.

It's pretty hard to find contact information where to submit bug reports. An appropriate link on would have been useful. I tried the email address of Christy, as I had found it in the ChangeLog, but that mailbox doesn't seem to exist any more. Now I hope this forum here is an appropriate place to get this improvement included.

Re: Improvement to config.m4 build script

Posted: 2008-06-09T08:01:14-07:00
by gagern
It seems that although there was never a reaction here in this forum, a version of my patch was applied in r10573 and r10574 of the svn repository and released in MagickWandForPHP-1.0.7-1, the second incarnation of release 1.0.7.

However, it uses MagickWand-config instead of Wand-config. On my Gentoo system, this prevents it from working with older versions of imagemagick like e.g. 6.3.8. I don't know which versions of imagemagick officially install MagickWand-config and which officially install Wand-config. I had assumed Wand-config to be more widely available, but I guess there was a reason for Cristy to change that binary name.