MagickGetImageWidth returns false

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Re: MagickGetImageWidth returns false

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As no-one else seems to reply to threads in here, I thought I would! it may help someone else.

Check the file is loading first - store the result of "MagickReadImage($resource, 'VSBackup/_MG_6005.JPG');" in a variable and check. It may be worth specifying a full path to rule out any issues with that.

Try this...

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  $resource = NewMagickWand();
  $openResult = MagickReadImage($resource, 'VSBackup/_MG_6005.JPG');
  if ($openResult === true)
    echo 'Opened OK.<BR>';
    $width = MagickGetImageWidth($resource);
    echo $width;
    echo 'Failed to open';
Also, even though the docs suggest it returns a boolean, mine returned NULL when it failed to open the file! So don't do a check for === false as it will fail the check.