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MagickFloodfillPaintImage Prototype and parameters

Posted: 2008-05-12T04:41:38-07:00
by hyperlinked
The MagickFloodfillPaintImage function doesn't appear to have an entry in the MagickWand for PHP manual. I found the prototype for the function in the source code of v 1.0.7, but am still not totally sure how the whole thing works. I did mange to use it and use it successfully, but there's on parameter that I'm hoping to find some insight on.

For those of you searching the net for more info on this mysterious function like I did, here's the function prototype straight from the magicwand.c source.

bool MagickFloodfillPaintImage( MagickWand magick_wand, mixed fillcolor_pixel_wand, float fuzz, mixed bordercolor_pixel_wand, int x, int y [, int channel_type] )

The one parameter that I'm not sure about is the bordercolor_pixel_wand setting. I left that blank when I used this function and it seemed to work ok. Is this parameter supposed to be a color that serves as a hard stop If the flood fill encounters it? If so, is there any way of discovering what this color should be without manually deciding on a color string to use?