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Post by Romain » 2008-06-12T07:30:13-07:00

Hi all,

I am trying to use the following command line with MagickWand:

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convert text.png  -fx "a*10"  +matte -blur 8x4  -shade 130x50 -normalize text.png -compose Overlay -composite mask.png -matte  -compose dst_in  -composite  text_3d.png
And I found out that there is no MagickShadeImage() function in the PHP API :(

Do you guys plan to add it soon?


Re: MagickShadeImage()

Post by hankr » 2009-03-31T00:21:29-07:00

Anyone? Bueller?

I'm trying to cut a recessed hole in an image. I have everything working except how to add some depth perception to the hole.

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