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I'm trying sample code, not sure what I'm doing wrong:

Fatal error: magickreadimage(): C API cannot read the format "gradient:#FF6600-#990000" (reason: unrecognized color `

Took code from here: ... /ChangeLog
Further note: all files referred to in any ImageMagick image formats/patterns
must pass php.ini's safe_mode, open_basedir, etc. restrictions,
or script will fail.

Their functionality is accessed as follows:

$mgck_wnd = NewMagickWand();
MagickSetWandSize($mgck_wnd, 100, 125);
MagickReadImage($mgck_wnd, 'gradient:#FF6600-#990000');

which creates a dark-orange to maroon vertical gradient.
Ubuntu, PHP MagickWand version 1.0.6