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Help for a newbie

Posted: 2008-12-10T17:48:41-07:00
by Xeofreestyler
Hi guys
I hope this is the right place to ask this

Anyway I'm a graphic design student and I learned PHP a couple of years ago since it could come in handy sometime
and whaddaya know I need to use it for a project I'm doing

The thing is, it involves processing images (pretty large images) so I cant do this on a server
so I wanted to set up my own php server, but just for command line scripting (meaning I just want it to execute a PHP file without being shown in a browser etc)

so yeah I installed PHP 5 for windows and I want to install IMagick. I downloaded Q8-statick from and put extension=php_imagick_st-Q8.dll in php.ini
but now it gives me an error message when opening php.exe that php5ts.dll could not be found, and then the command prompt gives me the output
"Unable to load dynamic library 'php_imagick_st-Q8.dll' - could not find module
in unknown on line 0"

now guys I'm seriously way in over my head here lol
I just know how to solve problems and put that into syntax but I have no idea what I'm doing here

so yeah help would be really appreciated, my project is due in 2 weeks

Re: Help for a newbie

Posted: 2008-12-10T18:24:00-07:00
by justin
Just did the same thing, only I used the dyn instead of static.

Where did you put the dll?

I put mine in C:\PHP\ext\

My php.ini new lines look like this:
[Image Magick and Wand]
I also installed ImageMagick: ... static.exe ... ws-dll.exe
I ended up doing both.

Re: Help for a newbie

Posted: 2008-12-10T18:42:37-07:00
by Xeofreestyler
okay I'm downloading those 2 files which you linked

but wait where did you get that php_magickwand_Q16_st.dll from? I hope I'm not blatantly overlooking something
maybe just link me the exact dll's you used before I screw up again lol

thanks for the help btw I really appreciate it

Re: Help for a newbie

Posted: 2008-12-11T09:49:25-07:00
by justin
Yea they move around a lot, try this link:

Here is everything I did, really simple: ... 1105644786
I also have a mirror of since he's not building them anymore I'm guessing that link will die someday soon.

The new site for winpecl should be up Q1 2009 that'll help people find this stuff.