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supplement my php

Posted: 2015-03-24T11:27:17-07:00
by degarb
I made to make my own private start page. I was able to use imagemagic (and autohotkey on windows) to download animate, reduce size, upload images that are fine at an hour old. I installed and run phonifier (on my hosted site) in iframes for idiotically bloated mobile sites that needed stripping (images are not reduced on phonifier). I used mowser to reduce select images that need to be up to minute and were still readable when reduced.

But mowser seems dead, ( is hostile to iframing and single image linking) So, for some images, and such, I need a phpish solution for on the fly image reduction of some select images. This saves me 10x alone (while keeping some images unreduced) on my 200 meg a month data t mobile plan.

I am lost, and wonder if this is even possible with imagemagick says something that alludes to this possibility. Something vague on looks hard, and vague about capabilities. Talking in code. I also suspect my webhost uses windows, like my home computer and home webserver.

Re: supplement my php

Posted: 2015-03-24T11:29:36-07:00
by degarb
phonifier, all I had to do was download the coad. Put the index.php in a folder called then link any iframed pages to the phonified url, like ... ourly.html