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Posted: 2006-07-25T22:10:38-07:00
by dognose
I finally got ffmpeg working.. however I'm trying to get it to create some animated GIF's off of video formats.

mpeg2decode is very slow, so I'm very happy that ffmpeg can convert much faster ( at least 10x faster, and many many more options)

It seems to convert directly from mpg, avi, flv, etc to animated gif, or practically any other video or image format.

However, when using direct convert to gif, the color quality if very low, and I don't know how to adjust that. does anyone know those settings?

I've also tried to use ffmpeg -> set of jpg's -> convert to an animated gif...

ffmpeg will use a name%d.jpg ( i.e. name1.jpg, name2.jpg.. name10.jpg ). .. however
when using convert, it wants name??.jpg.. (i.e. name01.jpg, name02.jpg.. )
Does anyone know of any easy way around this number convention incompatibilty?

... and since ffmpeg seems to be like the best video converter out there, should that be used as the video delegate for IM?