MagickLevelImage parameters

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MagickLevelImage parameters

Post by aditan22 »

Reading Anthony's ImageMagick Examples here:
While adjusting the black and white 'points' inward will increase the overall contrast of the image, a little...

convert rose: -level 5%,95%,1.0 rose_contrast.gif

Or increase the contrast a LOT...

convert rose: -level 20%,80%,1.0 rose_contrast2.gif

How to implement this in MagickWand PHP? I know there's a function MagickLevelImage, but it seems I cannot use percentage in the function's parameters.

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Re: MagickLevelImage parameters

Post by sambessey »

Yep I can't get this to work either... The image is always white. Could you be a bit more specific in what parameters it accepts please?


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Re: MagickLevelImage parameters

Post by el_supremo »

The IM source code implies that the inputs are within the quantum range, so if you wanted to pass arguments equivalent to "-level 5%,95%,1.0", In C you would use (I presume PHP is similar):

Code: Select all

Note that the arguments are black_point, gamma, white_point

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