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Different quality between imagemagic and photoshop text

Posted: 2015-04-25T07:04:37-07:00
by Leo7
Hello people,
I wrote my first image magic codes with your helps firstly thank you so much.

Now, I have a problem. There is a bit quality difference between photoshop generated and imagemagic generated texts. Here you can see:


At the photoshop version its bright and a little bit differences with some words. For example "a" and "g" is slightly different.

Here is image magick codes:

Code: Select all

$cmd = "$original_image -pointsize 16 -kerning -0.7 -density 100 -font Font.otf -fill white  " .
        " -gravity west -annotate +22+43 \"$text_submitted\" ";
    $errors = array();
    exec("convert $cmd  $new_image 2>&1", $errors);

I also tried to use ttf instead of otf but it has been worse.

Is there any way to make imagemagick image seems like photoshop image?