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Transparency problems

Posted: 2015-06-04T08:20:24-07:00
by mikume
In the case of transparent background, character will be degraded.
It does not occur in older versions.
Please tell me how to resolve.

Comparison image

imagick module version

ImageMagick version
ImageMagick 6.9.1-3 Q16 x86_64 2015-05-28

Code: Select all

    $back = new Imagick();
    $back->newImage(640, 200, 'none');
    $draw = new ImagickDraw();
    $back->annotateImage($draw, 10, 140, 0, 'Hello World');
    header('Content-type: image/png');
    echo $back;

Re: Transparency problems

Posted: 2015-06-04T08:53:36-07:00
by fmw42
I believe this issue is being worked on for the next release, IM See the bugs forum.

Re: Transparency problems

Posted: 2015-06-04T16:27:17-07:00
by mikume
Thank you so much.