ImageMagick Text Conversion Advice

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ImageMagick Text Conversion Advice

Post by hgersano »


I use ImageMagick internally for our faxes and we've had some success with the majority of outputs, especially with image dithering however I'm having issues with the text on the document - it looks distorted?

This occurs with any input, word documents, pdf, etc. I've attached an example output. Is there any parameter I can add to my command that will sharpen text up and/or any suggestions?

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convert -alpha off -density 204x98 input.pdf -resize '1728x2255' -dither FloydSteinberg +antialias -compress fax -units PixelsPerInch output.tiff
Thanks :D
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Re: ImageMagick Text Conversion Advice

Post by snibgo »

Is the problem in the rasterisation of the PDF, or the resizing and compression? If you remove "-resize '1728x2255' -dither FloydSteinberg +antialias -compress fax -units PixelsPerInch", does that solve the problem?

If it doesn't, then try a higher density, eg 408x196.
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