Warp Image around cylinder

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Warp Image around cylinder

Post by odd_duck » 2016-02-19T03:45:46-07:00

I am just starting to learn PHP's Imagick library and I am needing to warp an image around a cyclinder mug - similar to this:


Getting started with Imagick i have been using the following examples:


To successfully rotate/scale/extent etc the image but cannot see how I can wrap it round a cylinder.

I can see there is a way of doing so with Cylindrical Displacement in the docs:

http://www.imagemagick.org/Usage/mappin ... e_cylinder

Like so:

Code: Select all

convert rose: -background black -gravity south -splice 0x8 \
      \( +clone -sparse-color barycentric '0,0 black 69,0 white' \) \
      \( +clone -function arcsin 0.5 \) \
      \( -clone 1 -level 25%,75% \
             -function polynomial -4,4,0 -gamma 2 \
             +level 50%,0 \) \
      -delete 1 -swap 0,1  miff:- |\
 composite - -virtual-pixel black  -displace 17x7  rose_cylinder.png
However this just doesn't make much sense to me when i've been using code such as:

Code: Select all

$img = new Imagick($the_img_path);
// to resize
$img->resizeImage($_w, $_h, imagick::FILTER_LANCZOS, 1, false);
// to crop
$img->cropImage($crop_w, $crop_h, $crop_x, $crop_y);
Can anyone help in how I can achieve this using the second way of coding or if there is a way of converting it across?
I'm completely stuck on this.


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Re: Warp Image around cylinder

Post by snibgo » 2016-02-19T04:05:53-07:00

Coffee mugs, even simple cylindrical mugs, are quite complex. See my pages on cylinders and coffee mugs:

The first page is for non-perspective transformations. The second is for proper 3-D perspective. My scripts are for Windows BAT, which is readily translatable to other shells.

Fred has a bash script: http://www.fmwconcepts.com/imagemagick/ ... /index.php

Sorry, I don't use IMagick or PHP, and can't help you translate to those systems. You can simply create an ImageMagick command, and "exec" it from PHP.
snibgo's IM pages: im.snibgo.com

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