ASCII value for tag "Software" does not end in null byte.

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ASCII value for tag "Software" does not end in null byte.

Post by steelcrusher » 2017-01-17T18:35:45-07:00


I am converting .tiff to .png, the conversion works but it always display this message:

"ASCII value for tag "Software" does not end in null byte. `TIFFFetchNormalTag' @ warning/tiff.c/TIFFWarnings/922."

Thank you.

----More info----
in windows I used:

Code: Select all

convert 00000000.tif 00000000.png

in php I used:

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$image = new \Imagick($source.'.tif');
install latest Imagik on a Centos server and also have a 6.9.4-4 on my windows 10 machine and both display that error

also here is "identify -verbose" of the file

Code: Select all

Image: 00000000.tif
  Format: TIFF (Tagged Image File Format)
  Mime type: image/tiff
  Class: DirectClass
  Geometry: 1700x2200+0+0
  Resolution: 400x400
  Print size: 4.25x5.5
  Units: PixelsPerInch
  Type: Bilevel
  Base type: Bilevel
  Endianess: LSB
  Colorspace: Gray
  Depth: 1-bit
  Channel depth:
    gray: 1-bit
  Channel statistics:
    Pixels: 3740000
      min: 0 (0)
      max: 1 (1)
      mean: 0.929563 (0.929563)
      standard deviation: 0.255883 (0.255883)
      kurtosis: 9.27277
      skewness: -3.35749
      entropy: 0.367554
  Colors: 2
    263436: (  0,  0,  0) #000000 gray(0)
   3476564: (255,255,255) #FFFFFF gray(255)
  Rendering intent: Undefined
  Gamma: 0.454545
  Background color: gray(255)
  Border color: gray(223)
  Matte color: gray(189)
  Transparent color: gray(0)
  Interlace: None
  Intensity: Undefined
  Compose: Over
  Page geometry: 1700x2200+0+0
  Dispose: Undefined
  Iterations: 0
  Compression: Group4
  Orientation: TopLeft
    date:create: 2017-01-16T09:53:43-05:00
    date:modify: 2004-08-17T15:16:42-04:00
    signature: 3f5f2f5a2d5e81c0cf55307dede74af1a00c78e8ee18d3a724428f0071cc6ff3
    tiff:alpha: unspecified
    tiff:endian: lsb
    tiff:photometric: min-is-white
    tiff:rows-per-strip: 2200
    tiff:software: ScanFix(TM) Enhanced
    filename: 00000000.tif
    verbose: true
  Tainted: False
  Filesize: 37.5KB
  Number pixels: 3.74M
  Pixels per second: 249.3MB
  User time: 0.016u
  Elapsed time: 0:01.014
  Version: ImageMagick 6.9.7-4 Q8 x64 2017-01-14

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Re: ASCII value for tag "Software" does not end in null byte.

Post by snibgo » 2017-01-18T01:29:21-07:00

It is just a warning. Don't worry about it.
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