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More thanks to Fred and the rest of the team

Posted: 2014-03-12T23:47:51-07:00
by rossdv8
I've been messing around in GIMP for many many years, and was looking for a couple of ways to automate GIMP. I found Fred's ImageMagick scripts and have had a ball finding out how they work and which ones save me time.
I very often use GIMP to decompose an image to LAB, apply a curve, then recompose, to enhance brightness and colour. It is painful doing it over and over. I can't believe I've had IM for so long and never bothered to learn abou tit until recently.

I'd used individual IM commands from the console before, but never thought of scripting to enhance an image.
I found Fred's scripts and used a couple as a learning tool to write some stuff I needed to do, and now I have just discovered Fred's EnhanceLAB script and after playing with a few settings, I get an even nicer, more subtle effect than using GIMP. And using this script I can just drag and click.

Now I have to put some time into learning to write my own scripts.

Thanks Fred. (assuming Fred lives on this forum sometimes)

and THANKS to all the other people who work on ImageMagick

Re: More thanks to Fred and the rest of the team

Posted: 2014-03-13T10:00:40-07:00
by fmw42
Thanks Fred. (assuming Fred lives on this forum sometimes)
Yes, I do and thanks for the compliment. Of course I could not have done what I have without Imagemagick and all the work the developers put in as well as scripting advice from Anthony.

Re: More thanks to Fred and the rest of the team

Posted: 2014-07-23T21:43:46-07:00
by rossdv8
An UPDATE to add thanks for ongoing help.
I always wanted to find an easy way to automate GIMP procedures. Something slimple.

IM has helped me do just that, but just when I was almost at the point of getting everything exactly mathing GIMP output - along come Fred and snibgo, who introduce me to Color Look Up Tables.

So now here I am experimenting with and learning about HALD-CLUT and finding what I wanted to do is not only easier than I ever imagined, but by using IM with HALD-CLUT my little world is opened to a whole lot of possibilities I never even though of before.

And nobody treats a user with an unusual question like an idiot for not knowing or forgetting some basic UNIX stuff they haven't had to use in years.

So the thanks is repeated. To team members, regular contributors and POVs (Plain Old Visitors).