visual studio 2008 (vc++ 9-0)

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visual studio 2008 (vc++ 9-0)

Post by sweetjona » 2008-09-08T02:04:20-07:00

Hi everybody!

I have problems using imageMagick with the newest visual studio version.
the application is crashing when the function; is called.
I got the latest version of ImageMagick 6.4.3!

Does anybody know this problem?
I would be very happy if you could help me!!


Re: visual studio 2008 (vc++ 9-0)

Post by sweetjona » 2008-09-10T01:12:42-07:00

I solved the problem, not it works!
I built ImageMagick with VS 2008 and so I got the right dll's.


Re: visual studio 2008 (vc++ 9-0)

Post by maissaab » 2010-06-10T08:16:47-07:00

I want to use IMAGMAGIK with VS2008 and i wonder fi could tell me the steps that you made to build IMAGMAGIK with VS2008?i need your help

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Re: visual studio 2008 (vc++ 9-0)

Post by magick » 2010-06-10T09:32:01-07:00

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Re: visual studio 2008 (vc++ 9-0)

Post by rajeevraina » 2017-03-06T03:44:19-07:00

May I know how you created the VS 2008 version.

The source available is for VS2010.


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