IMv7 escapes being worked on

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IMv7 escapes being worked on

Post by anthony » 2012-04-26T20:55:34-07:00

At the moment I am working on Settings, and Percent Escapes, so as to make them more global, and allow them in geometry arguments. Specifically. A '%' after a number is a literal % NOT an escape, unless followed by a '['. That way you can use % in geometry arguments as previously but still allow a percent escapes to follow a number if needed.

Also make '%[x]' where 'x' is a single character work just like a normal '%x' . This currently does NOT work in IMv6 but will probably be backported to IMv6 first, so that using %[...] for all escapes will work even for single letter escapes. NOTE: %w and %[width] mean different things!

This was proposal 2, and was deems the most backward compatible. See... ... rcent.html
Other proposals are still present but will be commented out in the HTML shortly.

Example usage (This is a string arg not a geometry arg but it will illustrate what is happening) ....

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magick  -size 100x100 xc: -print '45%x\n' null:   # IMv6 will substitute, IMv7 will not substitute
magick  -size 100x100 xc: -print '45%[h]\n' null:     # falls in current IMv6 until backported
magick  -size 100x100 xc: -print '45x%h\n' null:
magick  -size 100x100 xc: -print '%wx%h\n' null:
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