Jmagick error : magick.MagickException: No image to scale

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Jmagick error : magick.MagickException: No image to scale

Post by karim_sousse » 2012-05-10T03:10:08-07:00


Normally this topic should be posted on the Image Magick program Interface section, but unfortunately I didn't found JAVA programming interface section, so I posted my problem here to share it with developers.
I have installed Image magick 6.4.0 and JMagick 6.4.0 Q16 on my Ubuntu 11.10
I tried the following piece of code on Eclipse to test jmagick integration :

ImageInfo info = new ImageInfo("myPic.jpg");
MagickImage image = new MagickImage();
MagickImage bigger = image.scaleImage(1200, 900);

} catch (MagickException e){

When running a simple main class, I get the following exception :

magick.MagickException: No image to scale
at magick.MagickImage.scaleImage(Native Mehtod)
at comcom.myCompany.image.ImageTest.main(

Does any one faced/solved the same problem

Thanks in davance for your help


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