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MPEG delegate always detected

Posted: 2014-08-07T04:50:50-07:00
by canavan
The detection code for the MPEG delegate in configure is apparently broken in 6.8.9-6 (and possibly earlier releases), since it always "detects" ffmpeg, apparently due to a confusion between MPEGDecodeDelegateDefault and MPEGDecodeDelegate and how those are assigned.

Re: MPEG delegate always detected

Posted: 2014-08-07T05:29:14-07:00
by magick
It finds avconv on our system as reflected by the delegates.xml entry:
  • <delegate decode="mpeg:decode" command=""avconv" -v -1 -i "%i" -vframes %S -vcodec pam -an -f rawvideo -y "%u.pam" 2> "%Z""/>