How to use ImageMagick for VC++ (MFC) application?

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How to use ImageMagick for VC++ (MFC) application?

Post by 2049651 » 2015-10-25T03:37:58-07:00


I want to use ImageMagicK at the Form Project like as following picture. ... pg?type=w1

When I implemented, I got some error.


1>ex3.cpp(22): error C2872: 'Image' : ambiguous symbol

1>          could be 'c:\program files\imagemagick-6.8.6-q16\include\Magick++/Image.h(55) : Magick::Image'

1>          or       'c:\program files\reference assemblies\microsoft\framework\.netframework\v4.0\system.drawing.dll : System::Drawing::Image'


How can I use ImageMagicK library? also please let me know some example code or project files.
What am I suppose to do for this?

Now, I have updated project file ... 94/


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