How to read an image to put an array?

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How to read an image to put an array?

Post by 2049651 » 2015-10-26T22:03:27-07:00


I don't know where to start from.
I want to read image by imagemagick into array."c:aaa.jpg"); at this point, there is no error.

I want to put to arrary what I had already read image data.
And I want to write file by using imagemagick library.
Here is my code.


Image my_image("640x480", "white");
Pixels my_pixel_cache(my_image);
PixelPacket* pixels;
int start_x = 0, start_y = 0, size_x = 640, size_y = 480;
*pixels = Color("black");
*(pixels+200) = Color("green");


But I can't get array of a.jpg. How to get a.jpg image data to array to modify?

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