ImageMagick not supported with wp_get_image_editor on some servers

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ImageMagick not supported with wp_get_image_editor on some servers

Post by deemi » 2015-10-27T07:18:21-07:00

Hi there, this is my first question on this board so if there any spell, grammar or board rules mistakes please ignore it.

I am php MySQL developer and WordPress theme / plugin developer also. So i create a plugin for products catalogue and upload images more than one. In my older versions i give option in plugin settings page that user can set dimensions for big and thumb images and on front i just re-size images width and height in css with giving dimensions but all images get stretched. Many users complain about this issue.

I searched re-sizing images and found out this function of WordPress

Code: Select all

and also get very useful link for cropping or re size images ... -tutorial/. I read this tutorial very carefully and found that ImageMagick lib must be enable on the server of the user. I write the script in my plugin for crop images by giving dimensions in settings page.

Here is code sample:

Code: Select all

$upload_dir = wp_upload_dir();
$_image_width = get_option('_image_width');
$_image_height = get_option('_image_height');
$_thumb_width = get_option('_thumb_width');
$_thumb_height = get_option('_thumb_height');

$_product_images = get_post_meta($post->ID, 'product_images', true);

$big_img_name = array();
$thumb_img_name = array();
foreach ($_product_images as $_prod_img) {
              /// For Big
              $big_resize_img = wp_get_image_editor($_prod_img['product_img']);
               if (!is_wp_error($big_resize_img)) {
               $product_big_img = $_prod_img['product_img'];

               $product_img_explode = explode('/', $product_big_img);
               $product_img_name = end($product_img_explode);
               $product_img_name_explode = explode('.', $product_img_name);

               $product_img_name = $product_img_name_explode[0];
               $product_img_ext = $product_img_name_explode[1];

               $big_crop = array('center', 'center');
               $big_resize_img->resize($_image_width, $_image_height, $big_crop);
               $big_filename = $big_resize_img->generate_filename('big-' . $_image_width . 'x' . $_image_height, $upload_dir['path'], NULL);

               $big_img_name[]['_big_img'] = $upload_dir['url'] . '/' . $product_img_name . '-big-' . $_image_width . 'x' . $_image_height . '.' . $product_img_ext;
update_post_meta($post->ID, '_big_images', $big_img_name);

The images cropped very successfully and save images path in the DB. So i launch the plugin's new version and and it worked very perfectly for users except one !!!! :?. The images not re-sized when he upgrade from older to newer version.

I checked and debug the code on this site. When i print this variable "$big_resize_img" its print me this message

Code: Select all

WP_Error Object
    [errors] => Array
            [invalid_image] => Array
                    [0] => El archivo no es una imagen.


    [error_data] => Array
            [invalid_image] =>

But when i print out this variable "$big_resize_img" where images are cropped it gives me no error.

I asked to user that, is ImageMagick is enable on his server he told me yes, so i asked him to create a php file and write "php_info()" and execute this file. The output not show us ImageMagick lib just GD lib is enabled, so again i asked the user for this he create another php file and write code to show ImageMagick version etc.

Code is:

Code: Select all

//This function prints a text array as an html list.
function alist ($array) {  
  $alist = "<ul>";
  for ($i = 0; $i < sizeof($array); $i++) {
    $alist .= "<li>$array[$i]";
  $alist .= "</ul>";
  return $alist;
//Try to get ImageMagick "convert" program version number.
exec("convert -version", $out, $rcode);
//Print the return code: 0 if OK, nonzero if error. 
echo "Version return code is $rcode <br>"; 
//Print the output of "convert -version"    
echo alist($out); 
And output is:

Code: Select all

Version return code is 0

    Version: ImageMagick 6.7.2-7 2015-07-23 Q16
    Copyright: Copyright (C) 1999-2011 ImageMagick Studio LLC
    Features: OpenMP
Q: Is that means ImageMagick lib is enabled?

So, Please tell me what is the issue because i launched newer version 4 months before and only this user get this issue. His site url is

One More thing, is this possible if i disable the imagemagick lib but wp_get_image_editor still working because i search and almost every site tells me that the ImageMagick or GD lib is compulsory for 'wp_get_image_editor', so i don't get the point because i disable ImageMagick lib on my server but its still working.

Please tell me what is the issue because this issue has been occurring for three weeks now

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