BPG format for Windows

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BPG format for Windows

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just came across this new format for images - BPG. Is this supported for Windows in Magick?

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Re: BPG format for Windows

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We currently don't support the BPG format.
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Re: BPG format for Windows

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We support BPG under Linux with the bpgdec and bpgenc delegate programs. It would be simple enough to download these programs for Windows and add these entries in delegates.xml:
  • <delegate decode="bpg" command=""bpgdec.exe" -b 16 -o "%o.png" "%i"; mv "%o.png" "%o""/>
    <delegate decode="png" encode="bpg" command=""bpgenc.exe" -b 12 -q %[fx:quality/2] -o "%o" "%i""/>
You could then conveniently convert BPG images like this:
  • convert logo: logo.bpg
    convert logo.bpg logo.png