GIF resizing only save the last frame

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GIF resizing only save the last frame

Post by albertotm1986 » 2016-02-01T05:29:39-07:00

HI to all the imageMagick team. I'm trying to resize a gif and I know hot to do it, but when I save the images with the writeImges function it only saves the last frame. This is the code that I'm using.

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$imagickPostBlock = new Imagick($imagePath);
$imagickPostBlock = $imagickPostBlock->coalesceImages();
foreach($imagickPostBlock as $frame){
    $frame->thumbnailImage($postblockWidth, $postblockHeight);
    $frame->setImagePage($postblockWidth, $postblockHeight, 0, 0);
Any help will be apreciated.


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