image distortion with conformal maps

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image distortion with conformal maps

Post by gubach »

In several occasions I stumbled upon the possibility to distort images with conformal maps
(for example with SeamlessMaker and I experimented with to get maps that might be interesting for distortion.

Is fx expressive enough to define conformal maps (functions with one complex variable)?
Has someone tried this in IM? Some projections are conformal maps ...

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Re: image distortion with conformal maps

Post by snibgo »

Yes, however, fx doesn't do complex arithmetic.

Some conformal maps don't even need fx. For example, "-resize 50%".
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Re: image distortion with conformal maps

Post by fmw42 »

I have created a script. conformal, at my link below that allow one to do conformal mappings for 7 different complex formulae (expressions). Note it will be slow due to the use of -fx. A 500x500 image should process in about 10-15 seconds.